Reps. Ward, McDermott Briefing on Special Session Tonight

Republican state representatives Gene Ward and Bob McDermott invite interested parties to the Capitol at 5:30 p.m. today. The topic is the special session that begins Monday, with the primary focus a same-sex marriage bill.

Testimony tonight will come from: 

• Prof. Lynn Wardle, BYU Law School: “Family Law + Marriage Impacts”

• Mr. Phil Lees: Ontario, Canada Teacher and Marriage Advocate

O’Reilly’s Bed and Breakfast: legal experiences from Vermont

• Prof. Mark Regnerus: “The Sociology of the Family and Children”

William Duncan, Director, “Marriage Law Foundation”

Only members of the House Information Briefing Panel will ask questions following individual presentations. The briefing will be videotaped for airing on Olelo Community Television.  

Photo: Hawaii Capitol. (jdnx)

—Chad Blair

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