Interactive Infographic Visualizes Salaries for All Hawaii Jobs


The University of Hawaii’s Economic Research Organization (UHERO) today unveiled an interactive data infographic that provides a fascinating, all-encompassing look into the state’s jobs and salaries. It’s likely going to eat away at your afternoon.

The data-rich design allows users to explore multiple facets of the occupations data, including median salaries, number of jobs, and percentage of statewide employment as well as allowing them to compare both individual occupations and broad occupation categories.

Hawaii’s median salary was $36,350 out of 588,210 jobs surveyed for the data dump. 

Each industry is separated, while each job is color coded from light (lower salaries) to dark blue (higher salaries). All you need to do is hover over each section and you’ll receive information at the top. 

You can also create comparison charts by clicking “Click to add table.” Doing so will create a comparison chart at the top . 

The Hawaii Jobs Explorer was designed and developed by UHERO’s data team using d3.js technology. The occupations are presented as a “Treemap”, a type of graphic that subdivides an area into smaller areas that illustrate relative proportions.

Data was drawn from the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program, which produces employment and wage estimates annually for more than 800 occupations. That data is available here

You can also download the raw data from the chart here.

The State Occupational and Wage Estimates for Hawaii were calculated with data collected from employers of all industry sectors in metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas in Hawaii.

— Gene Park

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