CNN Wants You, Hawaii

CNN, which sent a very lucky reporter to the islands a few weeks ago to investigate Hawaii’s dismally low voter turnout, wants to know if you actually voted.

The national news organization wants you to send a photo of you with your “I Voted” sticker to its website. Upload here. And then click the “add now” button to get your photo on the site.

If you didn’t get an “I Voted” sticker, no worries. Print out a CNN version here.

John Sutter, the CNN reporter who wandered the islands in T-shirt and board shorts for a couple of weeks, says you can also Tweet or Instagram the photo with the hashtag #ivotedcnn.

Here’s the “Change The List” running blog report John filed when he wasn’t learning to surf (ha, just kidding). And his cool multimedia wrapup.

But wait, there’s more. Here are Heidi Pliszka and Alice Terry, a couple of our very own Civil Beat people who voted on their way into the office and the photo they uploaded to CNN:

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